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Natural Suntan

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Using high quality products to get that special sunkissed look. 

I cater to many different skin types. Contact Di for more information.

Natural Suntan

About Diane

Hello, my name is Diane. My earliest memory as a teenager, was my fascination in beauty. I was always drawn to how women were able to enhance their qualities to be the best versions of themselves. That passion easily turned into a career. I wanted to learn everything about beauty and how I could help people feel good when they looked in the mirror and saw their reflection.

I take great pride in my work. Regularly updating my skills, to be on top of the latest trends. Being in the industry for 7 years, I was a CND Education ambassador and worked for CND, teaching in TAFE’s and beauty suppliers across Sydney. This led me to opening up my own salon and bringing the dream to reality.

My number one goal is for you to enjoy your experience in my salon and leave feeling fantastic.

“Di is an amazing nail technician. So many colours to choose from and she is excellent with nail art aswell. Fantastic spray tans with several different shades of tan to match your skin tone.”


Natural Suntan

welcome to Sunkiss Tans & Beauty

Luxury Pampering

Di offers a warm environment to ensure your experience is one of luxury and quality!

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